September 24, 2010

Baby News!

I'm so glad that I can finally share this.... We are the proud uncle and aunt of a new Boboth baby brewing in my sister-in-law's oven!  We are thrilled beyond belief and couldn't be more excited for Carrie & Everett... we know that they will be great parents and we simply cannot wait until that little one is here!

Congratulations, Everett and Carrie. We are so extremely happy for you guys and thrilled to finally be Uncle Cole & Aunt Laura! (Please pardon the split infinitive... excitement trumps proper grammar any day of the week.)

We love you both so very much!

-Cole & Laura


  1. I'm impressed that you know what a split infinitive is. Your excitement also explains the delightful mixed metaphor in your second sentence. Grammar lessons and devotional insights: such stuff as great blogs are made on.

    --Your uncle Chris (who thinks you two are swell)

  2. Why does your blog label me "Presbyterian"? How sectarian...
    --Your uncle Chris again


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