August 7, 2013

In My Valley

There have been times in my life when prayer has not come easily.  For one reason or another I am occasionally rendered uncharacteristically speechless, whether I cannot put words to the pain or joy in my heart, or I am simply so confused that I do not know where to start.  It is in those times that I lean heavily on Scripture.  Praying through Psalms or other passages has often been a source of comfort and peace. Other times, I have been incredibly encouraged through the prayers of other saints.  

These last few weeks have seemingly stripped my prayers of any content.  So many days, struggling to put one foot in front of the other, I fall before the throne of Grace with no words, just tears.  My prayers sounded more like, "Please, please, please..." than anything else. I read and reread Romans 8, hoping desperately that the Spirit would intercede and make sense of my senselessness.  And then, I came across this prayer (from Valley of Vision) that echoed so deeply in my heart:
"Lord, in the daytime, stars can be seen from the deepest wells, and the deeper the well, the brighter the stars shine.  Let me find your light in my darkness, your life in my death, your joy in my sorrow, your grace in my sin, your riches in my poverty, your glory in my valley."   -Valley of Vision

This is it.  This is my prayer.  This is my prayer for me.  This is my prayer for my husband. This is my prayer for my family.  All of it.  May He shine more brightly in my brokenness, may I seek His glory in my valley.


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