October 17, 2013

The Latest

I've come to this space so many times in the last month, and I've turned right around and walked away.  I've started posts and ended posts and completely erased everything I've written.  I'm wrestling with this space, that is nothing new.  I've often wondered what to do here, how much to share, what to keep just for us.  And then, my grandmother died and a lot changed.  It seems like I see everything through a new filter, and there is a lot that seems far more trivial than it ever did.

Having shared bits and pieces of her here on this blog makes it suddenly feel like some sort of sacred space. As in, how can I come here and dance lightly with the silly things in life all while grappling with this deep, deep loss.  Such is the balancing act of grief, I suppose: recognizing the need to honor the memory and cherish the past, while growing and changing and moving forward.  

That said, I suppose it's about time for a trivial update.

Many days lately, I have felt left in the dust, scratching my head as to how it can even be possible that we're over halfway through October.  Riddle me that, my friend.  Wowza.  Where is this time and why has its marching cadence seemingly accelerated exponentially?!  We are now just under three weeks away from finishing Cole's rotation here in Spokane and heading to our next chapter in Denver, Colorado.  

This time in Spokane has been so sweet, but oh-so-fast!  Cole has been working 12 hour days, and God, in His outrageous provision and faithfulness, has blessed me with a full-time job as well.  With the days and weekends so jam-packed, it's no wonder the time has flown.  While we've been here, we have enjoyed reconnecting with old friends, exploring old stomping grounds, and a few weekend trips to central Washington to visit our niece and nephews.

One weekend, we were blessed with two nights at the Davenport Hotel.  It was a sweet, sweet time of reconnection with this amazing guy with whom I'm blessed to share my life.  We explored downtown Spokane like tourists and enjoyed every bit of this beautiful Spokane October we've had.

Last weekend was spent with Cole's family in central Washington: pumpkin patches, football games, and the most incredible niece and nephews we could ask for!  Every visit back there makes us that much more excited to be settled there in February.

With the remaining time we have left here, we're taking a quick trip to Oregon and one more trip back to Sunnyside before we leave for Colorado.  It's hard to believe how quickly the time has flown. It feels like we just stepped off the plane from Honolulu.  We're nearly halfway through this final year of Cole's schooling, and we could not be more thankful or in awe of God's provision through it all.


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