December 31, 2011

Our 2011 Christmas

Well, here we are, hours away from another year.  Oh, there will be celebration, and there will be toasting, but we'll be lucky if we make it 'til midnight.  You see, we just got home from a 2-week vacation visiting our families.  We spent 8 sweet days in Sunnyside and 6 in Spokane.  It was wonderful.

There are no words to describe the sweetness that is time with family.  So, here are pictures...   Also, I should apologize for the excessive pictures of my niece, but I won't.  She's cuter than your niece.

Happy New Year from the Boboths!!

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  1. Looks like life is treating you well! I've gotta say, though... While your niece is cute, my niece definitely gives her a run for her money. Though... My niece is younger. So, they probably couldn't even compete with one another. I guess we should just concede that both can be cute?


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