December 4, 2011

ALL is Grace

There are moments in life when I want time to stop.  I feel like I could freeze-frame everything and skip and twirl and be giddy, shameless and free.  Like, my heart is exploding because it's so darn full.

This weekend was such a time. Indeed, what a weekend it has been.  A dream, so far from reality, I thought I'd never wake.

Friday night, after work, the Mr. and I took off for a weekend away at the beach.  I was SO excited to have some time with my husband... All. To. Myself.  (Grad school can be a tiresome mistress at times.)

We checked-in to our room only to find a bottle of champagne sweetly lain across the pillows, and saltwater taffy strewn across the comforter.  (and a fireplace in the corner !!)  The room was perfect.
Saturday dawned sunny and clear - a wonder in December.  We had a leisurely breakfast and strolled through downtown. We spent hours ducking in and out of various shops - dreaming of our future and reliving our child-past.  (1½ hours in the Toy Store... pretty sure we'll never grow up)  What fun we have together!

We found our way to the beach, with the sun shining down and the waves lapping at the shore.  It was perfect.
I could go on and on... the dinner by firelight, the twilight streets glimmering in the Christmas lights, the friendliest people... but that is not what made this weekend so wonderful.  That which made this weekend was the man with whom I was honored to share it.  The man with whom I am blessed to share my life.  Over and over during countless conversations, both the deep and the light-hearted, I was struck by the outrageous grace that I have been given.  Evidenced, quite clearly, in this man.
But also evidenced in the beautiful sun, the soft robes, the hardened sand, the hot morning coffee, and the eucalyptus hand lotion.

In the crackling fire, the smile of a stranger, the grasp of his hand, and the twinkle in his eye.

In the stressful days working, in the long nights studying, in the miscommunications, in the laundry-doing.
ALL is grace.

Today, our car pulled into our driveway.  He turned the key to silence the engine, but neither one of us moved.  Not wanting to end the dream, we both sat.  As if the click of a seat belt or the opening of a car door would jolt us awake cold.

Then, he smiled.  All is grace.  Then, he kissed me.  All is grace.  Then, he took my hand, and we headed back to face real-life together.  What a blessing, what outrageous Grace.

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