February 13, 2012

Valentine's Eve

Warning: Read no further if you're too entirely tired of hearing how wonderful my husband is.

Still with me?  Okay!

Brief Review:  So, on Friday, as if I could forget just how much my husband chooses to love me on a practical, daily basis, he took me - on his own initiative - on a date night to the opening night of The Vow (perhaps the girliest chick flick of all time) just because he knew I had wanted to see it.  In case my memory needed any jogging about how wonderful he is, he babysat two kiddos with me on Saturday night.  Watching him with kids = major swoonage.  And, after working all day on Sunday, I came home to him making dinner for me with strict instructions to stay on the couch.

Then, today happened.

Today was nothing special - just another day at the office.  Cole had class in the morning and was running errands in the afternoon.  After a long day at work, I arrived home and opened the door to this:

Hand-cut hearts that say, "Why I Love My Bride, Laura..."
 He had cut out individual hearts and stuck them ALL.OVER.THE.HOUSE.  with reasons of why he loves me.  Can you say "Swoon"?
 Yes, the one on the lamp says: "For the way you light up my life."  ♥   

 "For watching Sports with me."
 "The way you keep me warm."
 "How you enjoy our life together."
 "How you are my home."
 "For the way you smell."  - on a candle.  Clever man.

 "For the way you cook"
 "For helping me see the importance of garlic."  True story.

 "For being My Love." - on the painting of the place where he proposed.
 "How you took my silly last name." 
 "For your loving heart."

I am absolutely speechless.  I stood in the center of our living room with my hand over my mouth just turning in slow circles taking it all in.  I'm certain that I still haven't read all of them.  I'm completely overwhelmed.  This man knows me and knows how to make me feel loved.

Even on a non-holiday.

Well, I'm smitten.


  1. Aww that is such a lovely and thoughtful thing to do!


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