May 13, 2011

Overdue Post: Mother's Day Weekend

Last weekend was one for the books.

Though I am admittedly tardy in this post, last weekend was still one worth documenting.  On Thursday night, we helped Carrie and Everett pack up the last of their belongings here in Forest Grove (resulting in one of the most tightly-packed U-Hauls I have ever beheld!) and drove up to Sunnysie, the Mr’s hometown, together.  I have to admit, I did cry a little at the sight of their empty house – though Carrie was quick to mock my tears as she reminded me that we’d be seeing them in a mere 3 hours when we all reach Sunnyside.  We sure miss them already.
All the Boboths at Melange
Friday was spent catching up with friends in the area, golf for the boys and a trip to the salon for the girls, and playing Settlers of Catan.  Sunnyside is such a restful place to be.  On Saturday, we headed to lunch at a cute café in Yakima to celebrate Mother’s Day with the Boboth family.  Afterwards, we headed to one of the Mr.’s best friends’ wedding.  It was really fun to reconnect with old college friends.
Mr. & Mrs. Horsley
Then we had to say goodbye to C & E. Boo.

We headed up to Spokane to surprise MY mom… and arrived at 10pm just in time to catch her walking out of the school play she was attending with my dad.  I have not heard her voice hit that decibel in quite some time.   Like I said here, I LOVE surprises.

We returned to my parent’s house for homemade cookies and conversation late into the night. I told the Mr. that we should stay up all night to make the most of every second that we had there. Besides, I can never go to bed early when I’m in the same house as my little sister. She’s, like, awesome.

Sunday began with our annual Mother’s Day breakfast of bran muffins and orange juice.  Don’t think we don’t try to spoil our mother, she actually requests bran muffins. I love our traditions. J We headed to church, followed by brunch with my grandparents and aunt.  Never a dull moment. Our time in Spokane was far too brief, yet extraordinarily sweet.  What a gift family is!  We sure missed having everyone else there… especially Brian and Kelly.
Happy Mother's Day!
*Almost* the whole Schlect family...
It was a whirlwind of a weekend, and the ‘goodbye’ would have been much harder if we didn’t have Memorial Day weekend to look forward to… can’t wait to be home again!

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  1. What a great surprise it was!!! I love being a mom to such incredible kids! And guess what...ONLY TWO WEEKS!!!!


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