April 10, 2011

Weekend Surprise!!

I LOVE surprises!  I love being surprised, I love planning surprises... I just LOVE 'em!  So this weekend, the Mr. and I took a surprise trip to the wonderful city of Seattle!  He has been working so hard with school and everything, I thought I'd surprise him with a weekend away.  He had NO IDEA.

Saturday morning, we got ready and headed out under the ruse that I was taking him out to breakfast!  We went to breakfast at Mother's Bistro in Portland. (LOVED it!!)  And then headed North on I-5.  It wasn't long before he knew something was up.  

I had his overnight bag all packed and had put together a number of small clues for him to open along the way (baseball related paraphernalia like peanuts, cracker jacks, baseball cards, and his old baseball mitt).  Forty-five minutes into the trek, he figured out where we were headed... Destination: Mariner's Game. 

His "clues" wrapped in the Sports section of the newspaper

Row 15!!

My Man

My, Oh MY!!   It wasn't the same without Dave...

EWU's Football Coach threw out the first pitch!  A proud alumni moment for sure!

We had SO much fun together... even though they lost.  We went back to the hotel and finished the evening with some reminiscing and 'Grease'.  While we dragged our feet this morning, regretfully accepting that we needed to return to reality, we were so thankful to have been able to steal away and enjoy some time together!

Here's to a great weekend and a wonderful week to come!

PS - Thanks for 9 WONDERFUL months, Beloved.  I love you more than Homeruns and Garlic Fries!


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