April 18, 2011

Monday Music

For the last few weeks, I have been really enjoying the music stylings of Sovereign Grace Ministries in their newest album, "Risen." There is one song, in particular, that I absolutely fell in love with; and I just can't get it out of my head..... and whaddya know? We sang it in church yesterday!  Pretty timely considering this Easter season...

How do we know we’ve been forgiven?
How do we know that we have been made clean?
How do we know we’ll go to heaven?
How do we know we’ve been redeemed?

You have been raised, the tomb has been opened
Nothing can take away our hope in You
You have been raised
You have been raised, the work is completed
Hell and its powers have been defeated
You have been raised

Now we are free from condemnation
There is no judgment left for us to fear
We don’t have to wonder if we’re welcome
You are the One who’s brought us near

The price You paid for us
Has fully been accepted
Because of Your shed blood 
We cannot be rejected.

Love. It.

Happy Monday!


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We will also remind you that this is just a BLOG…just the highlights. We don’t sit around happily smiling for pictures all day long. Our life is far from perfect: we are imperfect people serving a perfect God. We do strive to glorify God, but we fail miserably and find comfort in knowing that our debts have been paid and we have been set free.

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