July 14, 2011

on thoughtful gifts...

Last Sunday was our first anniversary.  Due to the busyness of life, vacations, and conflicting schedules, we decided to 'celebrate it' next weekend... when life quiets down a bit.  Regardless, the fact that we have successfully enjoyed 365+ days of marital bliss did not go unnoticed by a surprisingly large number of people.  Thank you to everyone who offered their congratulations... this year has truly been the best one yet!

Most notably, however, among those well-wishers were our parents.  Besides the gifts that we have yet to give each other, our parents each gave us the most thoughtful gifts for our anniversary.  We were completely blown away and humbled by their thoughtfulness... so much so, that I simply had to share:

As we were saying our goodbyes last weekend, my parents pulled this package out of the back of their car.  Not wanting to wait the 6 days until our actual anniversary, we opened it on the spot.  And LOOK!!!!!
Now, to most people, this is just a beautiful, beautiful piece of art.  Seriously, though. I can't stop staring at it. But it has meaning that goes far beyond its utter beauty.  This picture was painted by one of my parents' friends, an amazing artist; and framed by one of my mom's best friends.   Oh, and The Picture?  It's a painting of the exact place in which the Mr. proposed.  *awwww*  Let there be no doubt as to where I get my mushy-gushy, cheesiness.

Our first piece of art. I couldn't love it more!!

Our second anniversary gift arrived in the mail the day before our anniversary.  What looked to be a sweet card from my wonderful in-laws turned out to be so much more.
Inside the card were pages and pages of copied notes...  on the first page was a letter to me from my father-in-law explaining each page.  This sweet, sentimental packet contained the clues from a scavenger hunt that the Mr. had prepared for his parents for their 27th anniversary.... 3 years ago.

Mr. was in Tahoe for a Summer Project, and his parents decided to visit him and celebrate their anniversary in a beautiful place.  So the Mr.'s gift to them was a scavenger hunt that took them to places that reminded him of their relationship and life together... all culminating in a beautiful dinner overlooking the lake. *swoon*

Anyway, if that wasn't romantic/sweet enough, my father-in-law held onto these clues and even made an entry in their journal about that night... just for me.  Mind you, this was six months before the Mr. and I even met.  My father-in-law was saving that for his future daughter to show her what a thoughtful, loving man that she had married.  *double swoon*  So, nearly 3 1/2 years later, I received one of the most thoughtful gifts... one that had been almost 4 years in the making.   Is there any doubt where Mr. gets his romantic/thoughtful/amazingness?  I think not.

What incredible parents we have... and what incredible families we have married into!!  There really is no end to the swooning.  So blessed, so humbled, so incredibly loved.

Thank you, Dad and Mom and Dad and Mom!

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  1. Never noticed the reaction buttons before....I marked all three....just to show how much I loved this. :) I remember when Cole did that scavenger hunt, he put so much time and thought into it. It is true, you married a keeper my dear! I just love this blog, it is such a beautiful way to keep up with what is happening in your life. Love you so MUCH!

  2. amazing! it's definitely the thought that makes the gift!
    This just makes me miss you guys!


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