July 5, 2011

Baseball, Hamburgers: All Things American

This weekend we were blessed to celebrate with my family and grandparents in Olympia.  On Saturday, we bummed around in Seattle at Pike Street Market, basking in the street musicians, fresh flowers, and Ivar's Fish 'n Chips.  Then we headed off to cheer the Mariners on at my sister-in-law’s first Major League Baseball game. A momentous occasion to be sure.
We relaxed all weekend, soaking in the temperamental sunshine and each other’s presence.  Sunday brought homemade burgers and a patriotic cake AND a necessary post-dinner walk around the neighborhood. (Also, I was able to steal a few moments of my little sister's time for an overdue sister talk :)
I was super bummed... the icing melted!
Summer's Here!!

On Monday, we had a little barbecue & game night with some friends from church. We may or may not have spent over an hour playing a board game entitled, "Whit's End."  Be jealous, you Adventures in Odyssey fans, be jealous.

By the way, Summer, are you here for good, now? Or are you just flirting with me?

What a refreshing weekend – always a rich, rich blessing to spend time with family and friends.
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