July 28, 2011

My Momma's Popcorn Bowl

I have an amazing mom.  Seriously, though.  I really, really feel sorry for anyone who has not had the honor of meeting her, spending time with her, or eating her food.  She is remarkable.  This woman has taught me so much about the Lord, life, love, friendship, hospitality, and how to find a way to fit garlic into any dish you create cook. 

My mom is a whiz in the kitchen.  I gain no less than 12.5 pounds every time I go home.  She has perfected nearly every genre of food with zero culinary education.  You could say she’s a natural; and I have had the distinct honor to play sous chef to her brilliant head chef for quite some time.

As a result, however, this has – in many ways – hampered my own creativity. You see, I am now incapable of making pie crust in anything other than an 8-cup plastic measuring cup.  Nothing else will do.  Brownies are baked in this pan, garlic stored in that container.  And don’t even think about trying to store flour and sugar in anything other than *that* canister.

Not that these are rules of my mom’s kitchen (in fact, she is far more laidback about it than I), these are just habits that I have picked up along the way and can’t (or won’t) let go of for the life of me.  I am such a creature of habit that when we were registering for our wedding gifts, I made sure that I included key kitchen utensils with which I am familiar from the time I had spent in my momma’s kitchen.

You can be sure that when I opened the gift of a plastic 8-cup measuring cup, I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that, now, I would be able to make pies for my new husband.  When my sweet, shoe-string mother-in-law (that would be my brother’s wife’s mother… and, yes, I made up that term) gifted us with a beautiful yellow 8x8 baking dish, I knew that I could now bake brownies. *Phew* That was a close one.

All of this has been to say, that soon… I will finally be able to make Caramel Corn.  *Sidenote* - for those of you who have not tasted my momma’s caramel corn made in her yellow Tupperware bowl, you truly have not lived.

Up to this point, I have tried many-a-time to make her caramel corn recipe, but – alas – without her yellow “caramel corn” bowl, I have destroyed nearly every batch. Mind you, when I use her bowl, it works every time.  Every. Time.

So friends, here it is… the newest member of my Amazon Wishlist… my very own Tupperware Caramel Corn bowl!!!!!!!

I know, I know... it's red.  I guess I'll have to manage... I couldn't find a yellow one.  Stay tuned for my first attempts… and further revelations of my complete nerdiness and minor OCD. 
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  1. Caramel corn is my weakness. Just.can't.say.NO

  2. How sweet! She sounds lovely :)
    Now you've made me miss my mom :( I need to go home!!

  3. I know exactly how you feel, there are certain utensils and dishes that are just plain supposed to be used for certain kitchen creations. I learned to make biscuits from scratch at about age 9 in a certain bowl with certain measuring cups. A couple of years ago my mother decided that bowl set should be stored to create room for other gadgets in the kitchen and it completely ruined my biscuits, they have yet to be the same. I look forward to the day I can claim that set of bowls to once again make awesome biscuits. :)


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