July 6, 2011

Things I've Learned Lately...

1. Adding sour cream to icing (that happens to be too sweet) works magic.
2. Running a mere 3 miles in scorching heat - while intoxicating to be in the fresh air - is a death march.

3. I get to meet my niece in T-4 days.  (!!!!!!!!)
She's excited about it... can't you tell?
4. Also, the Mr. is pretty wonderful.  I came home to find the laundry done and dinner about to hit the table. I can hardly believe it's almost been a year since we were married!!  Wowza.
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  1. can't help but notice some similarity :) http://www.earlymama.com/2011/07/01/happy-4th-of-july-weekend/

  2. Dang! She even got the correct ratio of red to white stripes! I found the recipe at http://secretlifeofachefswife.com/anthologie/desserts/the-coolest-fourth-of-july-cake-ive-ever-seen


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