July 16, 2011

on our vacation...

The last of the laundry has been folded and put away... it's almost time to return to the routine of everyday-life.  But this last week away has been such a time of refreshment. Mostly.  It's taken me awhile to get around to writing about it because I think I'm still processing it...

Last Wednesday, we found out that Cole's grandfather had been rushed to the hospital with some serious health concerns.   Cole flew down to Colorado on Thursday to be with him; and I left on Friday.  What followed were three extremely emotional days.

I wouldn't say that they were bad days, in the least.  Just emotional.  Emotional because it was nearly unbearable to see Grandpa in the condition, emotional because we don't know when/if we'll see him again, emotional because we were surrounded by 43 family members who love us beyond belief, emotional because we'd stand in Grandpa's hospital room singing hymns for hours, emotional because we SO enjoy each other's company, emotional because the time together wasn't enough.  Or maybe just because I'm emotional.  (who me??!?)

Anyway, last weekend left me utterly exhausted... so much laughing and crying and singing and playing.  So much love, it was unbelievable.  Seriously, I'm considering moving there. Sorta.
After the All-Cousin Baseball Game
The only part of our "good-bye" on Sunday that wasn't sad was the fact that we were headed to Reno to spend some time with our niece!!  Oh, and her parents too.  

We so enjoyed our all-too-brief stay in Reno - soaking up as much of Lake Tahoe, baby smiles, and sushi as we could!  Ok, mostly the baby thing.  As far as Lake Tahoe, the Mr. spent a summer there 3 years ago, so he enjoyed playing tour guide and showing us all of his favorite haunts.  Then we laid on the beach in the glorious sun.  Glorious, I say.
Lake Tahoe
It was amazing to finally get to meet that sweet baby and spend some quality time with her parents... blowouts and all.  :)  Now, if only time would please fly by quickly until Thanksgiving... when they move closer to us!
We're back to reality now, but looking forward to our weekend away next weekend to celebrate our Anniversary!! 
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