May 6, 2011

On Mothers: Boycotting Mother's Day

I’m protesting.  I am not writing a blog about mothers because it’s Mother’s Day weekend… I refuse to celebrate the lovely women in my life merely because Hallmark tells me to.  Marketing is lame.

No, I do not write about mothers for all those reasons; I write because I must. Mothers (and dads too!) are truly the unsung heroes of society. They are the formative voices in our lives to make us who we are, the shapers of the next generation.  I have been blessed beyond measure by the moms in my life.

I have two amazing grandmothers who raised awesome kids. You can read all about them over here.  Seriously though, the legacy of love of these two women stretches far and wide.
They were BOTH there when I picked out my dress!!
Such a special day...
When I got married, I gained another grandmother.  She is a woman of grace, kind words, and arms that are always poised ready for a hug. I felt like I was a part of her family before we were even engaged.  Such love.
With Grandma & Grandpa Plant at our Wedding
When I got married, I also gained a mom.  I used to wonder if it would ever feel comfortable to call anyone other than my own mother, “mom”.  Now, I do.  In my sweet mother-in-law, I have found both mother and friend.  I feel like a daughter in every sense of the word. She has taught me so much in the 3 short years I have known her.  I am thankful for this woman of God who raised such an incredible son.  I know that I am treated so well by the Mr. because of this woman.  What a blessing she is to me!

Now, for the woman who changed my life.  My momma.  Words cannot express how much this lady means to me.  I know what it means to be a woman of God because of her example.  She demonstrated true submission, love, and respect as a wife.  She taught me how to choose a stellar husband by her example.  (My dad is a man among men.  See?)  She showed me the relentless love of Christ as she unconditionally and relentlessly loved me when I was difficult to love.  She sacrificed the glory and status of being a ‘career woman’ to invest in us.  She taught me what it meant to be a friend; and she cried with me as I learned the difficult lessons of friendships.

My mom is my groupie, one of my biggest supports.  When I had an event, she was there.  When I wrote and recorded a CD of songs, she listened to it over and over and over again, memorizing every word.  When I started liking a new kind of music, she tried to ‘appreciate it’ too.  When I excelled, she celebrated; when I failed, she pushed me to look towards achieving the next victory rather than dwelling on the negative.  This woman gave me the confidence that I have today.

She tolerates the endless teasing that her children send her way with the utmost grace. And you'll notice that I don't have a plethora of pictures with her in them... that is a very practical demonstration of the way Mom lives her life.  Not vying for the spotlight, happy to let her children shine.
Fanny. Pack.
Beyond being an awesome mom, she is an amazing woman and friend.  Just ask anyone who knows her… they will speak of her endless servant’s heart, her love for Christ, her selfless hospitality, and her AMAZING cooking.   She is far too humble to admit this (so I have to do it for her), but this woman is the embodiment of Christ’s love.  She is constantly taking meals to those in need, and is always quick to open her house to hoards of people. (Her record for a sit-down dinner? 27 adults!) Wowza.

Pretty much, my mom’s cooler than your mom.

So that, my friends, is why I refuse to write a blog on Mother’s day… the “Moms” in my life deserve to be celebrated ALL YEAR ‘ROUND.   Even though this Hallmark day is a good reminder, make sure you tell your momma “thank you” in September too.

Love you, Mom. My cheerleader, my comfort, my best lifelong friend.
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PS – Again, my concision fails.  However, this entry is still an inadequate picture of the ways these women have touched my life. 


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