October 2, 2010

A Tribute to My Grandmothers

This week found me, once again, on the road in Montana.  I really do enjoy travelling… I always have.  However, I have also discovered that it loses its excitement and funness when you do it alone. Regardless, one of my favorite things about travelling is observing the people around me – especially at airports.  When I’m stuck in an airport during a layover, I love watching families reunited, soldiers welcomed home, and college students attempt to appear as though they really haven’t missed mom and dad as much as they really have.

Well, this trip was not different in that it offered a plethora of people-watching opportunities.  There was one family that I was drawn to in particular… it was a grandmother and her two grandkids (more like grand-teenagers, but you get it).  I could not figure out why I had such a hard time tearing my eyes away from this woman as she interacted with her grandkids… then it hit me.  She had to be one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.  She may not be what society deems “beautiful” due to our societal obsession with youth and wrinkle-free faces, but I thought she was stunning.

Her face was kind and she just looked so huggable! She just looked like the embodiment of love. And she completely reminded me of my two wonderful grandmothers; and it sure made me even more thankful for them and it made me miss them a lot.

Neither one of my grandmothers has had an “easy” life.  They have each been through their own trials and challenges… and yet, you would not know that today.  There are women who have been dealt challenging hands and have met their trials with bitterness and anger… and years later, it shows. Those women allow their trials and hard times to take a toll on them.  My grandmothers are not those women.  Their faces are lined with love, grace, and hospitality; not bitterness or frustration.  The years have only served to transform them into even more beautiful women than when they were my age. (I’ve seen pictures, and let me tell you – they were STUNNING then…) They both have a steadfast faith and they each have the love of incredible men. (My grandfathers are pretty amazing!)

I am so thankful that God has blessed me with two such wonderful women to model love in such a real way.  They both have instilled in me a legacy of love that will be passed on to my children. I have learned about hospitality, loving my family, the beauty of music, and even how to warm up dinner plates. J  I am thankful for the joy and the laughter that they bring.  My life is far richer because they are a part of it!

I love you, Grandma Joanie & Grandma Kate!



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