October 11, 2010

Weekend Recap: Friends & Food!

This weekend, though extraordinarily busy, was absolutely brimming with excitement and people that we love!  Friday night, my wonderful husband gave me a break from the kitchen and took me out to a cute Mexican restaurant in "downtown" Forest Grove.  It's good, cheap food.  Come visit us, we'll take you there.  But the MORE exciting event of the evening was the arrival of Cole's former roommate (before Cole upgraded to me), Tyler and his lovely girlfriend, Carly.  It is always such a welcome, refreshing time to spend time with friends from home... it eases the homesickness a bit. So come visit us.

So we spent all Friday evening and most of Saturday with Tyler, Carly, Everett and Carrie... Now, I know that travel has often been the subject of this blog, but have we mentioned how wonderful the people in our lives are?  We enjoyed a wonderful day on Saturday of breakfast eating, boardgame playing, football watching, and Pacific University Campus touring. We had a great time with these wonderful people.  Then Cole and I ended the night with a cozy bowl of popcorn and Shrek. (This was after I spent 20 minutes reading about the origin and evolution of the word "fun" from a noun to an adjective.  It really was fascinating.  You can read about it here.)

Sunday morning, we had to say goodbye to our guests. And it was sad.  But I had the chance to go to coffee with my aunt from Minnesota (who was in town briefly to visit my cousin)... and it was GREAT!  She is such a blessing, encouragement, and inspiration to me for so many reasons. I cherish that hour and a half that we shared over Americanos.

Sunday also happened to be our 3 month wedding anniversary... (which is actually called a mensiversary... but I think I'll stick with anniversary, thank you very much.)  So to celebrate the momentous occasion (oh, to have a font for sarcasm right now!), I had our vows framed and they are now hanging on our wall.  It's spiffy. We also enjoyed dinner out at a local hole-in-the-wall pizza restaurant.  Come visit us, we'll take you there.

So now we're off to another week full of travel for me and tests for Cole! Needless to say, we're looking forward to the reprieve that the holiday season will bring! Stay tuned for next weekend... MY PARENTS ARE COMING!

On a random, boring sidenote - A.) We got a new coffee table.  Thank you, oversized Swedish superstore. B.) It was the Portland marathon this weekend.  I would really like to run a marathon before I die.  Even if the marathon induces said death. C.) Diet Shasta Cola is gross.

Oh, and here is a picture of my handsome man and me on our date. (Yes, it is proper grammar to use the word "me" here.)

Aaaaand this is our pizza.

Have a happy week!



  1. So...you're saying if I visit you'll take me out to Mexican food AND pizza??? I'm in!! :)


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