October 12, 2010

20 Signs of Fall at the Boboth House

1. I get to break out my wool coats. Yes.
2. And sweatshirts, sweats, and cozy blankets.
3.  Molasses cookies are baking in the oven.
4.  We turned the heat on.
5. The tree across the street looks like it is on fire.  Not really, it’s just turning red and it looks awesome.
6.  There is frost on my windshield in the morning before work.
7. Candy. Corns.
8. I’ve started Christmas shopping. (This is a friendly reminder to my family to update your Amazon wishlists!)
9. Our table is now decorated with a fall-ish centerpiece… complete with mini pumpkins and gourds (that Carrie is convinced have cancer).
10. Cole thinks I’m crazy for even thinking about Christmas already.
11. I’m resisting the urge to make an apple pie.
12. When Cole and I go for a walk, we actually spend more time jumping erratically in attempts to step on the crunchiest leaves than walking normally.
13. It smells like fall.
14. The football announcer is the soundtrack to our Monday nights.
15. I kinda just want to stay inside, curled up on the couch and read.
16. Girls are now wearing boots with their mini-skirts. (as if that makes a difference?!)
17. Gnats. Does this happen where you live? Cloud upon clouds of gnats descend around 3pm, and it’s impossible to walk anywhere without getting a mouthful, hairful, or whatever-ful of them. Yuck.
18. I’m craving a trip to Greenbluff back home to pick out pumpkins and apples.
19. We have started eating a lot of food to prepare for hibernation.
20. Monopoly has come to McDonald’s and Breast Cancer Awareness has taken over the NFL. (Two pieces of information that I probably would never have been aware of if I had not married my wonderful hubby. J)

On a side note, I have a confession.  It may be this fall air, but I think football might just be growing on me.  Don’t tell anyone though.
And, as my mom said in one of her seasonally-appropriate phone message machine recordings (that actually DID follow the seasons/holidays), “Happy Fall, Y’all!”



  1. I was thinking about Christmas yesterday too! This list is so nice. Makes me want to come have fall at the Boboth house too. =)

  2. I'm now craving those molasses cookies.

    3824 18th Ave S
    Minneapolis, MN 55407

    My hints are very subtle...

  3. Oh man. Those molasses cookies are the best. And I am full-heartedly excited about #7!! I love candy corn :) But I love you more! Cant wait to see you!!


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