October 16, 2010


Dancing is not an uncommon occurrence in the Boboth house. We can often be caught keeping step in the kitchen, living room, or wherever there's a large enough space for my husband to grab me by the waist and pull me close and swing me around. It's great and I love it. (And somewhat reminiscent of the not-too-long-ago dance sessions with my dad in our kitchen :)

Well, I came across this great song that uses dancing as part of a metaphor for marriage. So check out this sweet song by Andrew Peterson:

Or listen to it here.

So, Cole, thank you for dancing with me through the minefields of life and the minefields that will come; thank you for leading me so faithfully even when the music isn't playing; and thank you, oh thank you, for choosing me to be your dance partner for the rest of our days.



  1. Josh and I LOVE that song - and the whole CD, actually. =) We've never danced together much, but just today we were talking about taking a dancing class sometime. =)


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