May 9, 2011

Late Night, Date Night...

Tonight, I had the gift of time with the Mr.  He joined me on my evening run, we had a nice dinner together, and ended the night with an unexpected run to Walmart and Goodwill.  We could have spent hours roaming the aisles of that treasure hunt store.  The Mr. walked away with a sweet tennis racket and a catcher's mitt... we'll have to make Goodwill a habit.

Also, we found Reese's ice cream sandwiches at Walmart... WIN.  A great end to a great evening... and 10 months later, I still love holding his hand sitting on the couch watching a movie.

Mr., I have so much fun with you no matter what we're doing.  Whether we're wandering the aisles of Goodwill or walking miles and miles just talking... Love you to infinity and beyond!

PS - We are now 4 days away from our legendary trip to the coast with our awesome friend, Dani!!
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