May 18, 2011

A Day at the Beach

Don’t you just love weekends that stretch on and on as if in a magical continuum of awesomeness?  I do.  This last weekend was one of those “time-stands-still-because-I’m-in-my-happy-place” kind of times.

Well, after a wonderful Friday and Saturday, our good friend Dani came to spend Sunday with us.  She showed up early enough for cinnamon rolls for breakfast and the grand tour of our place. Then we hit the road headed West.  Driving over the pass, we were pelted with driving rain, but the moment we stepped out of the car and onto the beach, the rain seemed to stop altogether.
Dani and Me
The Mr!!
Cannon Beach :)
A week ago, Dani posted her Bucket List on her blog; and I found a few that we could ‘check off’ while she was in town.  So the Mr. and I found some kiddy-sand toys and a kite to help make all of her dreams come true. One item on her bucket list was to build a sandcastle - moat and all! And, boy, did we build a sandcastle!  Complete with a drawbridge to span the moat and everything!
My Beloved and Me
Our Epic Sandcastle
Dani Filled the Moat
We flew kites, bought salt water taffy, sent messages in a bottle, ate ice cream, and talked and talked and talked.  Let me tell you, this girl is pretty rad.  We SO loved spending this time with her… a sweet reminder of home and of the blessing of friendship.

After church and dinner at Imbrie Hall, we had to say goodbye.  It was such a fun time of fellowship – tough to get back to reality this week.  (Especially with the Mr.’s new job schedule. 4:30am wake-ups = Yuck!)  Ah, but we are thankful for the job...  :)

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