December 16, 2010

A Very Special Day

Everyone has someone in their lives (either past or present) that has affected them dramatically.  As I read through students' application essays, one of the prompt options is to write about someone who has impacted their lives.  90% of those essays are about the student's dad. It has been remarkable to see the consistency with which the Papa-figure shows up in those essays.  They have affected these students' lives either by their presence or by their absence.

Not surprising. There have been studies upon studies done about the impact that a father has on the lives of his children... so impactful, in fact, that the presence, or lack thereof, of a mother has an exponentially smaller impact. (I think my mom is an exception, however :)  

Anywho.... just because I love being one of the statistics, my dad has been incredibly impactful in my life too! He was and is the bedrock of our family. He has led our family oh-so-well with an unparalleled sense of humility and tenderness. He has loved my mom ever-so-faithfully for 29+ years. He has worked tirelessly to support our family, finance our educations, and provide a comfortable life for us. 

My Dad is amazing.  He is a leader.  It does not matter where he goes or how long he has been there, it only takes a matter of minutes before complete strangers are asking him to be this committee's chairman or that group's president etc.  His mere presence commands respect - not in an "I'm lording my awesomeness over you" sort of way; but rather in a servant-leader sort of way.

My Dad has shown me Jesus.  Time and time again.  Whether it was by faithfully teaching it to us, or whether it was simply in the faithful way that he lives his life: my siblings and I know the Gospel and love Jesus more today because of this man.  Also, he is so extremely thoughtful and does things like this and this

I will never forget my wedding day. Dad paused just outside the doors of the sanctuary before he walked me down the aisle; he squeezed my hand firmly, and said - with tears in his eyes and an uncommonly shaky voice - "I love you, Lollie. You ready?"  My sweet protector, defender, and hero - I love my daddy.  

I had thought about our Father-Daughter dance for a good majority of my life... Which song should I choose?  Which one would mean the most?  Which one could I hold it together the most without crying?  I thought that I may choose something like "Butterfly Kisses," or "Cinderella," or something uber cliche like that.  However, when C and I got engaged, my Father-Daughter dance song was the easiest decision of the entire planning process!!!  You see, it was my dad that taught me to swing dance. In our kitchen. Often after doing dishes together.  Or any time for no apparent reason.  So we did an awesome swing dance... and I still cried a little.

So, Happy Birthday to one of the most important people in my life!  Thank you for modeling what a godly husband and father looks like.  It really helped me know what to look for. :)  Thank you for faithfully teaching us Christ. You have been a beautiful representation of our Heavenly Father. Thank you for disciplining me so that I wouldn't be a booger. Even though I still am sometimes. Thank you for reminding me to "be a lady," when I wrinkled and contorted my face and making grunting, snorting noises.  Sometimes the desire to be a lady was superseded by the desire to make my little sister laugh.  I love you, Dad!

(Growing up, Dad would lift us up to put the angel on the top of the tree... no matter how old we got)

 Hiking to Hot Springs in Fairmont, BC
Spring Break 2010

July 10, 2010

Father-Daughter Dance

I make no apologies for the length of this blog.  As I reread through it, I still didn't do him justice... I could ramble on and on.  My dad is an amazing man... and he makes turning 50 look good!  I love you, Dad!!



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