December 1, 2010

Weekend Recap: Thanksgiving Edition

This blog is brought to you by my good friend Tyler. Noting my 8-day absence from the blog, he was in need of an update. And so I present, the long-anticipated: Weekend Recap –Thanksgiving Edition!

This last weekend was a nice and long one.  I got off of work at noon on Wednesday and we packed up the car and drove to Sunnyside to spend Thanksgiving with the Boboth clan. We had a great time on Thursday eating delicious food, watching football, and just spending time together.  In typical Boboth fashion, there were three, count it “THREE,” choices of meat at our feast. The Glockners were wonderful hosts for the beautiful evening, and it was, as always, such a delight to spend time with my awesome new family.

Us with our Cousin Andy and his girlfriend, Angie.
(isn't Cole handsome?)

Friday found all 5 of us headed to Yakima to pick up my brother-in-law at the bustling Yakima airport… we spent the morning in a golf shop looking for golf clubs for Cole, (belated birthday gift) and our outing was topped off with a lunch stop at the legendary burger joint, Miners. Best burgers ever.  That afternoon we play a lot of Settlers of Catan and watched Boise State play an awful game of football. (Heartbreaking wasn’t it, Val?)

Saturday was a Girls’ Day with my mother-in-law! I got my hair cut and we both got manicures. It was such a special time with an incredible lady… I’m so thankful that I get to call her “Mom.” Cole and Everett spent the afternoon playing ice hockey, so I got my in-laws all to myself! I sure enjoyed my time with them!  Saturday evening, Cole and I got to catch up with some old friends from college… it was so refreshing to see them.  Thanks for your hospitality, Josh and Marisa!

We wrapped up our holiday weekend on Sunday with church (Special Sermon Guest: Everett Boboth!), lunch with the Flodins (more family), and a safe trip home.  When we got home, Cole presented me with an early birthday gift: internet!  So now I can blog from home!  What a guy! J

And now we’re halfway through the week… and it’s been an eventful week!  So you can be watching for more updates from the Boboths soon!  (we wouldn’t want to keep Tyler in suspense…)

And although Thanksgiving is over, let us not cease to give thanks for all the blessings that we have received from His bountiful hands!



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