December 12, 2010

Weekend Recap: 2-in-1 Birthday Fun!

Well, due to a busy schedule, last weekend's recap remained unsung... and so this weekend will have to share its recap space on the blog.

Last weekend, we had tickets to the Seahawks game on Sunday... my Schlect grandparents live in Olympia, so we decided to drive up on Saturday evening to spend a little time with them.  It was a wonderful time of great conversation, delicious food, and card games. (At which Grandpa handily defeated us. Standard.) The football game was so fun on Sunday... and since a picture is supposedly worth 1,000 words, I will cease this babbling and just show you pictures of the wonderful day with my hubby.

We had to stop at Safeco field on our way to the game to pay our respects to the beloved Dave Neihaus.

 Beautiful Seattle Morning!


Cole's Silly Hat

SO Happy Together!

This week was a whirlwind of finals for Cole and application reviewing for me... it flew by; and, before we knew it, the weekend was here again.  

Friday was my 23rd birthday and my sweet man - once again - just knows how to make me feel like a princess.  He made me a special breakfast and sent me out the door with a kiss. :) My coworkers took me out to lunch - and it was such a nice time.  Then, around 3pm, my coworker and I were startled by a small handful of pebbles being thrown at our office window.  Down below stood my handsome husband with the biggest, beautifullest bouquet of roses and lilies that I had ever seen - but I was more excited just to see him in the middle of my work day!

Due to the fact that Cole has finals coming up this week, I was not expecting to do anything particularly special on my birthday (He has ridiculous amounts of studying to do for his 7 - count that, seven! - finals this week.)  But he surprised me and told me that he had dinner reservations for us.  When we walked into the restaurant and began to head towards our table, I froze. There before me sat my wonderful parents!!!!!!!  They flew down to spend the weekend with us!  Needless to say, I was surprised out of my  mind!   It was great... I have missed them so much!   So we have spent these last two days with them and it has been awesome!  We came back to our apartment and opened gifts.  Can I just tell you how thoughtful my husband is?! I married an incredible guy.  He has made these last 2 years the best years of my life!

So we are off to church shortly and getting ready for another week. Thank you, Lord, for an incredible husband and parents and family and twenty-three years of Your love and grace!

 Birthday Flowers from my sweet man :)



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