November 23, 2010

Snow Day?! (Insert Sarcastic Eye-roll *here*)

Is there a rule against posting twice in one day? Well, I guess I violated that one...

Allow me to take this opportunity to mention how proud I am of my experience growing up in eastern Washington. It has made me stronger. Seriously.  I would also like to take this opportunity to bring to your attention the wimpiness (yeah, that's a word) of some Oregonians. (In their defense, we do have a large population of students from Hawaii who have never seen snow before, and their reactions vacillate drastically between delirious wonderment and awe-shocked horror.)

This morning we woke to a blissful 1/2 inch of snow dusting our yard, cars, and housetop. (barely) Not only were school and work cancelled (one of the many benefits of working in university admissions: you get snow days off and do not have to make them up!), but at noon yesterday (mind you, 12 hours before snow had begun to fall), they had already cancelled school for today at the local school districts. (!!!!)

Meanwhile, from people back home, Facebook statuses have been a flurry of posts regarding the massive amounts of snow they've been receiving... upwards of 8 inches.  And still no school cancellations! (Did you catch my clever pun?  Thank you.)

It really is just comical. Oh well... I'll just grin mockingly at them, throw around my eastern Washington confidence in braving "snowy" roads, hunker down with my hot cocoa and hope to make it through this crazy winter storm!  In the meantime, I've been quite productive around the house...  I made a Dutch Apple Pie for Thanksgiving, started Potato Rolls for Thanksgiving, and gave my hubby a haircut for Thanksgiving.

And now he's whisking me away for a night out...ah, what a guy!
Hope you are enjoying the weather wherever you are!


PS- This post has had an inordinate amount of parenthetical statements, lame puns, sarcasm, and italicized words. That's all.


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