November 7, 2010

Birthday Weekend Recap: - 23 years of grace

Another entry about the less-than-fascinating goings-on of the Boboth household:

Well, Friday marked the 23rd anniversary of Cole's birth. Unfortunately, I was gone on a business trip that morning and wouldn't be able to make it home until after 5-ish.  So, I put together a scavenger hunt of sorts to keep him busy during the afternoon until I got home. The final clue told him to pack a bag because I was "kidnapping him for the night." The clues all rhymed and were likely more cheesy than clever, but oh well.

So we had a lovely, romantic get-away to Seaside, Oregon... Our room was right along the river, giving us a picturesque view. We enjoyed dinner at a local Steak/Seafood house - delicious! And we had our own little birthday party in the room - complete with cake, gifts, and all.

I thought that, since so many people had already wished him "Happy Birthday," I would take a different angle and celebrate the 23 years that God has so evidently shown grace throughout Cole's life. So the cake read, "23 Years of Grace." And I also happen to love lists.  Like, really love them.  Seriously, you should see my desk at work... and at home for that matter. I love them.  That said, I put together a list of 23 ways in which I have seen God show grace towards Cole throughout his life. I would post it here, but you don't get to read it. Sorry :)

We had a nice, leisurely weekend - even though it was still a little drizzly outside. When we got back, Cole studied while I caught up on some housework... It was such a blessing to get to spend a whole weekend together. I am truly blessed by this man, and thankful that, 23 years ago, God brought him into the world... and 21 years after that, brought our worlds together.

I also made a  Crumbleberry Pie - per the request of the birthday boy...

Oh man, I am blessed.


PS - On my trip, my hotel room had this amazing view... what an awesome Creator we have!


PPS - I would love to hear how God has shown grace in your life...


  1. Rock star wife! Sounds like a wonderful weekend. :) We love Seaside!


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