January 3, 2011

Our Top 10 Moments of 2010

Dear 2011,

We are very excited to see what you have in store for us.  We anticipate that this year we will become an uncle and aunt (courtesy of E&C), a second year optometry student and admissions counselor, and hopefully a better husband and wife. 

We will celebrate our first anniversary, mourn the moving-away of our brother-, sister-in-law, and niece, and ask each others’ forgiveness a lot.  We look forward to opening our home for more dinner parties and “HIMYM” marathons. We have some pretty high expectations of you because, well, you see, 2010 was really, really good to us.  It set the bar really high. Just so you know what you have to live up to, here is a “Top 10” sampling of the great hand that 2010 dealt us:

1. Cole pulled off the most epic proposal ever. Hollywood’s got nothin’ on him.

2. He was also able to spend some time in Mexico helping people see better.

3. I graduated from college.

4. Um, well, I kind of married my bestie. Highlight of my life.

5. Ten days in Maui?  Yes, please.

6. We moved into our new home. We LOVE it here!

7. I got my first “big kid” job. Insurance and vacation, holla!

8. Cole aced his first semester of grad school. What a stud!

9. We got to spend nearly 2 weeks at home with family over the holidays.

10. God has proven time and again how good and gracious He is. He is epically faithful and eternally patient.  
He still loves us even though we mess up. A lot.

So, 2011, there you have it.  The bar is set pretty high.  I sincerely hope you can rise to the occasion; and I have high hopes that you will.



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