January 5, 2011

In Case You Missed It: Our 1st Christmas Letter!

In case you missed our Christmas letter this year, here is your complementary copy!  If you want to get on the Boboth mailing list, just send your mailing address to lboboth@gmail.com. And now, the first annual Boboth Christmas letter: 

Merry Christmas! We hope this letter finds you well as we celebrate this wonderful season remembering the birth of our sweet Savior! Well, once upon a time, I heard that, once a couple gets married, they are now their own family entity unto themselves. I'm good with that. In fact, I agree joyfully and wholeheartedly. The only drawback: Mom won't write my Christmas letter this year. And so we introduce to you: the first annual Boboth Christmas letter!

Wow!  How do you sum up a year in one letter? This year has been a whirlwind from start to finish!  And as we look back over the year, it is undeniable to see the fingerprints of God’s grace and faithfulness all throughout our 2010 story. 

Cole set the tone for the year by kicking it off with an incredible proposal in January. Naturally, I said, “Yes!” - setting in motion the wheels of wedding planning! While I finished up my Senior year at Eastern Washington University, Cole spent the spring delving into the wonderful world of optometry at his dad’s clinic in Grandview. 

In February, Cole had the opportunity to travel to Mexico with his dad on a mission trip to give eye exams and free eye glasses. The trip only served to fuel his passion for eye care, and demonstrate to us that distance truly does make the heart grow fonder.

I graduated in June with Bachelor’s degrees in Marketing Management and Human Resource Management in one hand and a countdown to our wedding in the other. One month later, on July 10, I married the man of my dreams and so was born the newest Boboth family. Thank you to all of our dear family and friends that celebrated that wonderful day with us!

We spent ten glorious days in Maui on our honeymoon learning to snorkel, surf, and manage sunburns.  It was incredibly wonderful and relaxing!  In late July, we moved down to Forest Grove, Oregon, where Cole started the Pacific University College of Optometry in August.  In God’s perfect timing, I got a job at Pacific U as an admissions counselor, recruiting high school students.  It has been so much fun to work at the same place that my wonderful husband attends grad school!

Throughout the fall, I traveled quite a bit for my job, and was relieved when travel season was finally over. Cole has stayed ridiculously busy with school, and he never ceases to impress me with his incredible discipline in his studies. He is doing so well – leaving no doubt in my mind that he will make an incredible eye doctor!

We have been blessed beyond measure in our new life together down here in Forest Grove.   We found a great church family and a delightful Bible study therein.  Cole’s brother and sister-in-law live 5 blocks away from us and have provided a never-ending source of encouragement, joy, and companionship. We are truly enjoying making this place our home. And we love visitors! So, if you are in the area, just let us know!  We are rendered speechless as we marvel at God’s exceeding grace to us this year… and we cannot wait to see what He has in store for 2011!  Merry Christmas!

Cole & Laura


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