January 18, 2011

Wonderful Waterlogged Weekend!

This past weekend, my wonderful hubby whisked me away to the beach for a weekend of relaxation and refreshment. After a busy and tough week, it could not have come at a better time...

We drove over to the charming town of Seaside and stayed in a cute hotel. From the time we arrived until the moment we left, it was storming so fiercely that the rain was coming in sideways. Even though the weather severely limited our time outside, it was so nice to hunker down inside the cozy hotel, read, talk, and just spend time together. The only rules for the weekend were: no cell phones, no laptops, and no homework.

We set some goals for the coming year, talked about school, our future, our faith... My husband has an uncanny way of making me feel loved and known and pursued and appreciated. We played a lot of card games and had an epic air guitar competition.  Although, after my incredible performance of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing," my husband graciously bowed out of the competition.

Venturing out into the coastal storm, we went to dinner at an incredible seafood & steak joint. Cole had the clams and I had the steak.  Phenomenal.

                                              Before                                                   After


Our Cute Room - I loved the bay window!

The crazy adventure came when we tried to head home on Sunday... We had barely pulled out of the hotel parking lot when we were stopped by a flagger on the side of the road.  The main road back to Forest Grove was closed to all traffic due to a landslide.  SOOOooooo.... we had to drive up through Astoria, stretching the normally 1 hour trip into a 2 1/2 hour trip.  Even then, the water was so high at points, the ocean was splashing up onto the road! We were thankful to make it home safe & sound - to say the least!

It was an absolutely wonderful weekend... leaving us both refreshed for a new week and reminding me - once again - what an incredible guy I married!

Happy Tuesday!



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