January 18, 2011

Finding Rest...

For the past couple of weeks, I have been mildly wrestling with– albeit on-and-off – feelings of discouragement, anxiety, frustration, and just generally feeling overwhelmed.  It has felt as though, at times, I am crushed under the weight of this feeling – I just haven't been myself! Well, last Wednesday, God threw me a lifeline in the shape of a conversation with a good friend.  She listened caringly, spoke truth into my life, and gave me this passage and this passage to read. What an encouragement!

It was upon this passage that the following song was crafted.  This song has become an anthem for me. A hopeline, a reminder of where our hope and our rest must come from…

I am imperfect. And, contrary to what people say, I do not have it all together. I am a cracked piece of pottery… and it is my hope that, only as the cracks become more and more evident, the light of the Potter may shine even brighter.

I hope you find rest today too.


Listen to these:
        -All I Have Is Christ - "You bore the wrath reserved for me. Now all I know is grace."

        -Jesus, I Am Resting


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