January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010 Highlights

Musing with extreme thankfulness and awe at God’s faithfulness, we are coming to the end of our relaxing 12 day vacation. I am overwhelmed at God’s faithfulness in providing a job that allows this time off. I am amazed at God’s grace in allowing Cole to attend school. I am blessed beyond belief at the love of our families. Best. Christmas. Ever.

Since our break (and my sabbatical from the blog) has been quite extended – and because I just adore lists – I decided to compile a “Top 20” list of the highlights of our break to keep this blog from becoming too long-winded. Or something like that.

1. The 7-hour car ride with my husband. Rapping contests, Odyssey, and singing at the tops of our lungs – all with my best friend of all. It was pretty rad.

2. Singing “Twas the Night Before Christmas” with the Brennans after an early Christmas – then begging Grandma to keep playing so we could sing with her. Can you say “happy place”?

3. Cooking in the kitchen with my mom and sisters. (Note the plural there. Love it!!)

4. Listening to game after game of Ping-Pong between my husband, brother, dad, and sister. Love family bonding.

5. Christmas Eve Advent time with family. Luke 2 and Linus. Falling asleep to “Elf.”

6. Christmas morning with my amazing family. Egg Dish, Cinnamon Rolls, Crosswords, Euchre, and my hubby – it does NOT get better that that!

7. Christmas dinner with ALL 22 Schlects around the table!

8. Talking with my cousins and realizing what incredible people they’re growing up to be.

9. Talking with my aunt for nearly 2 hours about… well, everything. Her wisdom and humble advice encourage and challenge me. I could have done that all day.

10. Staying with my brother and his wife. Watching Cole and Brian play with their helicopters in the kitchen with the focus and determination of elated 10 year-olds!

11. Watching Cole play with the cousins. He’s going to be a great daddy. Seriously, though.

12. Listening to my dad and his brothers play cards. The Schlects are just a little competitive and a lot sarcastic.

13.  Working on a puzzle for nearly 8 hours straight.  Don’t judge me.

14. A double date with my hubby, parents, pizza, and card games until midnight. Possibly THE highlight of the break!

15. Crashing Winter Conference to see old college friends. So. Much. Fun. I loved hearing from those of you who read the blog. :) 

16. Bathroom sink chats with my sister.

17. Talking with my sister-in-law for nearly 6 hours. Straight.

18. “Christmas Dinner” at Wine O’clock in Prosser. And the Boboth Christmas celebration that followed.

19. Realizing that Sunnyside, or rather the people there, really are my family too. One of the greatest blessings of marriage has been inheriting another incredible family.

20. Our “Girls Day.” Hair, nails, lunch, and a movie with my mother- and sister-in-law. Side note: Tangled is a movie worth seeing.

21. New Year’s Eve with some old college friends. Life-threatening fireworks came at no extra charge.

22. Relaxing with the Boboth family around the newest Shrek movie. J

23. Being reminded -day after day- what an incredible family I have been given and what an incredible family I have married into.  Thank you, Jesus.

It has, indeed, been a great break.  It is with great reluctance that I set my alarm clock tonight for work tomorrow. This time with family and friends, however, has been exactly what we needed. It was so much fun – full of great conversations, a heck of a lot of laughter, encouragement, and card games.  While it is harder than ever to say goodbye, I can take solace in the knowledge that we will get to do it again next year.  So I will sniff back those tears burning in my eyes and look forward to the next time we’re home again.  God has been so incredibly gracious and faithful to us.



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