January 30, 2011

Two Years Ago Today - 01.30.09

Two years ago today, on January 30th, 2009...

You stood below my window then texted me and told me to look outside.
You ran up my stairs with roses in hand.
You asked me to be yours.


Two years and one day ago today, you asked my dad's permission to pursue me.
And you have done just that everyday since then.
Thank you for choosing me.
Thank you for loving me.
I love you, Cole!


PS-Then a year later, he did [this]...


  1. Seriously - SO sweet! You guys have the greatest love story ever! Don't stop writing, Laura!

  2. I have so many funny memories about this time...seeing Cole's car pull into the parking lot in the middle of Christmas break (when he should have been in Sunnyside but came up with a genius excuse to be in Cheney instead), Cole's stomach flu and his absolute unwillingness to stay away from you even though he was in the bathroom every 5 minutes....it was fun to be an innocent bystander in this relationship in the making....and its been fun to see it play out since then! :) Love you!



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