February 14, 2011

Weekend Recap: Sweet Fellowship

We had such a wonderful weekend full of old and new friends and - best of all - my parents!  We had our first overnight guests on Friday and Saturday - Matt and his fiancée, Kara!  We enjoyed dinner at McMenamin's Grand Lodge on Friday with them and spent most of the day on Saturday just talking and playing card games. It was SO nice to see friends from home!  Eases the homesickness a bit...  Oh, and their big day is just around the corner, so Kara and I enjoyed talking "wedding details!"

Saturday evening, Cole and I had the honor of participating in a bowling tournament put on by the Optometry program with one of Cole's classmates and his wife.  In a moment of late-night loopyness, Cole named the team "The Bowl-erinas," (clever, eh?) only to find out a week later that this was a costume contest as well.  So we all - (including our husbands) - securely sported our tights and tutus.  It was a sight.  And out of respect for the guys, I won't post our pictures from the night.  But we had a great time with Warren and Brooke - though my bowling score left A.LOT. to be desired.

Sunday dawned far too early for me, as I had an event for work all day. I was bummed to be away from Cole all day, but it was incredibly fun to meet students with whom I have been working for the past 6-ish months.  It was a great - and reenergizing - reminder of why I love my job!

Sunday wrapped up with a wonderful -yet all too short- time with my parents - a game of Hand and Foot followed by dinner at the Venetian! LOVED having them here.  Time with them is never quite long enough!

And now we're off to a new week... Happy Hallmark Day today!  I better be off... my Valentine made me dinner tonight and spoiled me rotten. Stay tuned for pictures ♥



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