February 10, 2011

Date Night!

Tonight was a good night.  For a number of reasons... I made cinnamon rolls, I finished my Book of 100 Crossword Puzzles!, I have been able to get a lot done around the house in preparation for our guests coming this weekend, AND I had a date night with the hottest guy alive!  We had a bit of sushi to celebrate 7 wonderful months of marriage.  And after dinner, my hubby presented me with the sweetest  love letter ever.  Boy, do I love him!

And did I forget to mention that, when I got home from work, he had done the dishes, laundry, AND taken out the garbage?!  If you ever catch me complaining, please slap me across the face. Hard.  I am so blessed by this man.  Now I'm off to start Crossword Puzzle #101.  Oh, and hey, Baby? Seven months later, I still do.


PS - If you think of it, be praying for the Mr. tomorrow... he has a big test on Ocular Disease. Aren't you jealous?  


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