November 9, 2012

1000 Gifts: 401-440

**The 21st and 22nd Installments of 1000 Gifts**

401.  A surprise visit from my brother- and sister-in-law
402.  Portland in the fall.
403.  Palo Alto
404.  When he calls me while I'm in flight just so I'll have a voicemail from him when I land.
405.  Microwave Popcorn.
406.  Seeing Brian in San Francisco.
407.  A rental car with guts.
408.  Online Sermons.
409.  Texting.
410.  Skype.
411.  Running into B&K in Seattle!
412.  A trip home to look forward to.
413.  Good attendance at a high school visit.
414.  A good book.
415.  Dark chocolate.
416.  Growth. Painful, but worth it.
417.  When you have a good eyelash day.  It's a thing.
418.  Fridays.
419.  When he makes breakfast for us.
420.  Sunday Morning Football  (who AM I?)
421.  Perfectly-sized hotel pillows
422.  A full night's sleep
423.  Free WiFi
424.  When I have a good turnout at the high school
425.  When Journey comes on the radio
426.  When God's faithfulness is undeniable
427.  NPR
428.  Blackout curtains.
429.  Flying into Oakland with the Golden Gate and Bay bridges all lit up
430.  Getting a seat on the west side of the plane = incredible sunset view.
431.  Fridays.
432.  Being bumped to an earlier flight at no charge!
433.  PTAs that make good food.
434.  When you make it back to your car 3 minutes before the meter expires
435.  When you camp out at Starbucks all afternoon and discover a table near an outlet.
436.  When the flight attendant remembers your name...
438.  Spokane.
439.  Airport restaurants.
440.  A house full of people to feed (!!!)


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