March 25, 2013


Thankful.  So very thankful.

My phone beeped at me this morning. It was telling me that, in 39 days, we’ll be packing up our life here and opening a new chapter. Thirty-nine days.  As that *deadline* grows closer, the time seems to move even more quickly. (like, didn't I just write THIS?) It’s as though I have blinked and our time here is slowly (or not so slowly) nearing an end.

There are so many things that I wish I had done, so many relationships into which I wish I would have invested more time, so many boxes left unchecked.  And yet, in this moment, all I feel is thankful.  So overwhelmingly thankful.  I am thankful for the people and the places and the opportunities and the love. 

These people who have embraced us so openly, these people who have loved us so readily, these people who have become friends-that-are-really-family.  These places that we've explored, these places that we've discovered, these places that we've claimed as our own.  These opportunities that we've been offered, these opportunities that have grown us, these opportunities that have changed us. This all has changed us.

And the love.  The love that comes from growing up together in a new place.  This place that saw our first married argument.  These walls that have seen the tears, both in joy and sorrow.  This kitchen that has witnessed our best, tenderest, and, yes, even most raucous dance parties.  This little place that has held us as we have experimented our way through hospitality. 

So today, yes, I am sad as I anticipate this goodbye.  But, more than anything, my heart feels as though it might explode from thankfulness. We have been so richly blessed in our time here; it is overwhelming.  I sit at my desk throughout the day and marvel at the gift I have in those with whom I work.  I sit in church on Sunday looking around the room at the strangers-turned-family, and my heart overflows.  I look at my husband, this incredible man with whom I've been blessed to travel through life, and I cannot help but to thank God for His grace in my life.

Oof, May is coming faster than I can anticipate.  My heart has been inflicted with a serious case of denial.  Three years is more than long enough to put down roots, love people hard, and settle in.  Hold on, heart, this ain't gonna be easy.

PS - hopefully, on the other side of this, this blog will hold happier, less dramatic musings.  Just bear with my overly-dramaticism in the meantime.  Love, love, love.


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