April 20, 2013


Things be a-changin’ around these parts. (in case you haven’t noticed, ha!) It is incredible how empty the apartment feels with everything off the walls and half of our lives in boxes.  However, though the physical space we occupy is emptying, our hearts are nothing but full.  I can’t tell you how blessed we have been in these last few weeks as we wrap up our time here.

There have been more moments than I care to confess where I have been overwhelmed with emotion: sadness, anticipation, regret, excitement.  You name it, I have felt it.  I have learned that it’s completely possible to miss people already even though you’re still with them.  I have learned that even after two or three years of looking forward to this moment, I’m extremely reluctant to say goodbye.  I have learned that I really, really, really hate goodbyes. (and we haven’t even left yet!) I have also learned (okay, I have known this for, like, my WHOLE life) that I’m not the best at dealing with change.  And so, I turn to the kitchen.

The beauty of cooking is that, for the most part, it’s reliable, predictable.  I know that I can cook up some Italian sausage, chop up an onion, mince garlic, sauté for a bit all together; throw in some tomato stuff and herbs and it always produces the best red sauce you have ever tasted. (recipe/method courtesy of my Iron Chef Mom.  If you have ever sat at her table, you are one of the luckiest.)  I know that, with some flour and egg in hand, I can press out some thin, light pappardelle. Add some boiling water and a willing audience, and you have a meal.  Each time, every time.

Though I can’t control the change around me, I know how to chop an onion.  Although, at times, it seems like I will be overcome by the unknown, I know how hot to sauté garlic before it burns.  And, when I don't know what to say, there is always the table that beckons those to draw near, eat, be loved.

Ultimately, (and because I set off the smoke alarm more often than I would like to admit) however, I am even more thankful for the unchanging One.  The One who, even when life is in upheaval and even when I burn my garlic, buoys my heart and carries us through.  We have an adventure-filled, exciting, and extremely unknown year ahead of us.  How thankful I am that there is One who goes before us.


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