April 28, 2013

What's Next?

Holy Moly. How did we even get here?  Three years ago, today seemed a lifetime away.  And now, here we are on the doorstep of change, cautiously approaching the threshold not knowing what will be on the other side.  We have been asked often about our next steps, our plans, and what the coming year has in store for us.  While we don't know a lot of the specifics, here is what we do know:

On May 6-7, we will pack up our moving truck and drive to Central Washington where Cole's family lives.  Cole's brother and sister-in-law have graciously offered their garage and home for our storage use.  We will stay in Sunnyside for about a week, then head to Spokane.  Cole leaves for Hawaii for his first optometry clinical externship on May 14, and I will follow him on the 20th.  He will be working at the Hickam-Pearl Air Force Base until mid-August.  We'll be living 20 minutes from the base in a delightful, little apartment in Pearl City.  And, while I do not know what exactly to expect, it looks as though I'll fill my time hosting our family (yay, visitors!!) and exploring Oahu.  

In August, we will move to Spokane, Washington, and move in with my parents! Contrary to what may be typical, I'm super excited! Cole will be working at the VA Hospital in North Spokane.  While the days will be long (~12 hours at the office!), we look forward to the three-day weekends and trips to Sunnyside to visit our niece and nephews!  

In November, we'll head to Denver, Colorado, to live with Cole's cousins while he works at a nearby private practice.  And, in February, we'll be back in Central Washington for Cole's final rotation before graduation. On May 17, 2014, my wonderful, hard-working husband will graduate from Pacific University College of Optometry as Doctor Cole Boboth. I couldn't be more proud or excited.

So, that's what we think we know.  That is what the next 12 months appear to hold.  That said, we know that God is bigger than our plans, so we'll see what happens!  We'll do our best to keep you updated (read, I'll post lots of Hawaiian sunsets). So please stay tuned....


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