May 14, 2013

Until It's Gone

Well, here we are on the other side.  One week ago with the help of some friends, we packed up all of our belongings, scrubbed our little apartment until it shone, and said goodbye to our friends, our family, and our very first home together. 

The reality of our move is sinking in very slowly.  It still just feels as though we're on an extended vacation visiting family and that we'll return to Forest Grove soon.  I keep forgetting that we won't walk through our front door again or that I won't make pizza in that oven next Friday or that someone else will soon occupy my office or that we won't get to see the leaves on the tree across the street change into the fiery red that heralded autumn's arrival.  It's amazing what you miss once it's gone.

Throughout this whole moving and transition process, I have to say, we have felt so very blessed.  I'll tell you, if you want to feel loved, just quit your job, leave your church, and move across the ocean. Okay, maybe not.  But, in the process of doing just that, we have been completely overwhelmed by the love we experienced as we said goodbye.  It seems that the old maxim is true; you really don't know (or, perhaps in our case, appreciate) what you have until it's gone.

I was quite surprised to discover how hard it was to say goodbye.  I know I shouldn't have been so surprised, but I was.  In reflecting on our three years there, Cole and I were both so very overcome with gratitude for the people who have invested in us and loved us and shown such grace towards us. I worked with some incredible people; Cole went to school with some amazing people; and our church family?  Well, there just are no words.  And, unfortunately, at the time of "goodbye," the words never come. I am never able to say what I want to say.  We may not have always appreciated what we had to the fullest until it was gone, but, boy, do we ever see the gift now. We leave changed for the better, by His grace.  

And, speaking of leaving, my wonderful man is currently somewhere over the Pacific on his way to Hawaii ahead of me!  Looking forward to joining him next week...  We'll try to keep you updated and hope to post more pictures!


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