July 8, 2013

Island Visitors

Oh guys. I don’t even know where to start.  I’ve obviously not done a great job of keeping this little corner of the internet updated.  Sometimes I feel like our day-to-day goings on are not noteworthy or worth writing home about – literally. Work, laundry, dishes, reading on the beach – you know, just your average day-to-day stuff – not super interesting to read (or write!) about.  That aside, this past week was more than certainly worth writing home about.  And so…. 

Dear Home, please pardon my cellphone photos - we were having way too much fun to pull out the big guns.

This last week, three of my favorite people visited us.  We hiked, ate some incredible food, boogie-boarded, ate more great food, toured Pearl Harbor, talked, ate some awesome food, hiked, talked, wore sweet hats, talked, talked…. It was divine.  Truly.  My theology may be off here, but I always feel like I taste a bit of heaven when my family is near.

The days flew by in a blur and it was over all too soon.  We kayaked up a river and saw turtles.  We ate KILLER tacos. We got sunburned. We hiked Diamond Head.  We had a sunset picnic at one of our favorite beaches. Mom and Dad wanted to get away from us for a few hours make sure that Kelly and I got some good ‘sister time’ in, so they took Tuesday for a cycling day while Kell and I did Pearl Harbor and lunch (and coffee and scones).  This week was totally not food-centric.  We loved showing our family the little parts of the island that we've discovered and, quite possibly, fallen in love with.

The Fourth was spent poolside relaxing.  Steaks on the grill and pina coladas in hand, we celebrated the beautiful, hard-fought gift of independence and prayed for God’s mercy on our country’s future.  From the backyard (of the house we were housesitting), we could see the beach fireworks; and we ended the night with our feet in the hot tub talking about theology, the future, and light matter like that.
It was pretty lousy saying goodbye to them.  We had an incredible time learning the beauties of combining mango and cilantro, pairing a great Sokol Blosser with mahi-mahi, and toasting to a wonderful week as the sun set over Waikiki.  Guys, seriously, words cannot even begin to explain how great this week was.  My family is pretty much the bestest. And I'm still trying to figure out how to convince them to come back.


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