March 26, 2012

1000 Gifts: 181-200

                                                         -The Tenth Installment of 1000 Gifts-

181.  A run in the rain
182.  Long, hot showers
183.  Coupons
184.  Girl Scout Cookies
185.  Positive reinforcement
186.  The healing power of a heating pad
187.  Sundae date nights
188.  Spring cleaning
189.  Hashbrowns with breakfast
190.  "I'm so proud of you." - my man
191.  That moment when my running shoes call, no, scream my name.
192.  Conversation that bonds the hearts
193.  A 55 degree day in March
194.  When he joins me for a run "just to spend time together"
195.  Spontaneous double dates
196.  Dinner with Tyson
197.  A quiet night reading
198.  A warm home
199.  The smell of bread baking
200.  A late night talk with my mom


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