September 20, 2011

1000 Gifts: 1-20

-The first installment of 1000 Gifts-
While it is important to focus on the gifts for which we are thankful, I don't want to cheapen them by putting them in this list.  Regardless, it is my desire to discipline myself to focus on the blessings with which we have been so richly showered.  And so, here are the first 20 gifts... 980 to go!   :)

 1  Thai food with friends
 2  Quiet nights at home with my love
 3  Coming home to clean laundry and clean dishes
 4  Homemade Pasta with out-of-town friends
 5  Deep conversations on a roadtrip
 6  Long walks with my mother-in-law
 7  Settlers of Catan
 8  Morning cuddles with my love
 9  God's faithfulness displayed in everyday ways
 10  A wok in which to make my Chicken Pad Thai
 11  Basil
 12  My students
 13  Date night with my true love
 14  Our Country, Our Freedom, Our Military
 15  The ability to run
 16  A thoughtful phone call from my dad - precisely as I was feeling homesick
 17  The kind of discouragement that brings me to the end of me, and all I have is Him
 18  A good book
 19  A spontaneous lunch with my truest love
 20  Rain (remind me of this again in February or March)

Thankful for all of His blessings... in the good times and the more trying times.

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  1. I especially relate to #17 currently, and I love that you put it on there! Such a great reminder that our greatest disappointments are an opportunity for Him to show His love in unexpected ways.


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