January 4, 2012

Working for the Weekend

Everyone knows that famous song. And, all too often, I'm afraid that it is true of my life.  I'm just biding my time in the office until 5pm on Friday, when I have 2 blissful days away from "work" to spend with my man.  Yes, I work hard, and, yes, my job can be stressful; but in my effort to seek contentment in this(and all) stage of life, this view of work seems counterproductive and wrong.
And, while I feel like there has been some growth in this area of my life, I'm afraid it's not true today.  You see, this weekend we're heading back to the beach for a weekend away before the Mr. heads back to school.  Two sweet days with the man who pursues my heart. I can hardly wait.  

And so the countdown is on... 2 days 'til Tillamook, wine-tasting, all-you-can-eat cheese (read: HEAVEN), and crossing #3 and #6 off our Forest Grove Bucket List.

Weekend, here we come!!
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