January 2, 2012

Our Top 10 Moments of 2011

Dear 2012,
Well, here you are. Already.  We are pretty darn excited to see what you have in store for us.  We anticipate that this year we will become a third year optometry student and admissions counselor, one year older, and hopefully a better husband and wife. 

We will celebrate our second anniversary, find out our placements for rotations, add 365 gifts to the list, and ask each others’ forgiveness a lot.  We look forward to opening our home for more dinner parties and "Friends" marathons. We have some pretty high expectations of you because, well, you see, 2011 was pretty good to us.  It set the bar really high. Just so you know what you have to live up to, here is a “Top 10” sampling of the great hand that 2011 dealt us:

1. Our January weekend at the beach
2. Surprise trip to Seattle
3. Going to Chuck E. Cheese (!!!)
4. Memorial Day weekend in Spokane - "Wicked"
5. Meeting our niece
6. Our trip to Colorado and Reno
7. Celebrating our 1st Anniversary back home
8. An August visit from my family
9. Our December weekend at the beach
10. Christmas with our families

So there you have it... 2011 brought some pretty sweet moments.  But it also had its tough moments, its hurt-feelings moments, its cry-for-no-reason moments, its homesick moments, its stupid-argument moments, its worrisome moments, and its growth-sucks moments.

Through it all, we praise the One who holds our past, present, and future in His omnipotent and just hand.  And, we recognize that ALL is Grace.

For His Glory and our ultimate good,
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