June 29, 2011

Cleaning House


We have a small house.  It’s cozy, and it suits us well.  In fact, I love having a small house. It makes cleaning a million times easier.  I have perfected the art of cleaning our entire place in under an hour.  It is quite convenient because if we have company coming over, I know the few specific places that need to be straightened up at any given time.

That said, I find myself doing quite a few ‘quick clean-ups’ here and there, but neglecting the truly deep clean that is necessary. The bed gets made and the bathroom floor gets swept often, but the shower doesn't always get scrubbed.
Interestingly, I find that same habit in my life.  I spend much of my time doing ‘quick clean-ups’ of my attitudes or my behavior, but neglecting the dirty work of deep cleaning my heart.   On the outside, everything can seem sparkling clean, but inside, there may be shower scum in my heart that has been neglected for far too long. For example, I may temporarily treat the symptoms of disrespect, but ignore the root issue of pride.

I am thankful for the people that God has placed in my life who stick around long enough, or ask the hard (but necessary) questions to expose the not-so-scrubbed-up parts of my heart. And then, lovingly stick around to help me clean it up. 

We could all use a good scrub-down every once in awhile… or in my case, daily. Praising God for His grace: today and everyday.

“Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.” – Psalm 51:7

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  1. I feel the same way! About both issues. Also I notice the pattern of catering my cleaning to impressing others. Like only cleaning the most visible parts, or cleaning only when we're having company. You write so eloquently and creatively. Love it!


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