June 24, 2011

Not Every Girl Gets Proposed to Twice...

The other day I was doing some cleaning and I came across this beautiful, sparkling ring.  It had been stashed away in my drawer for nearly a year now.  You see, it was with this ring that the Mr. proposed for a second time.
Not that his first proposal needed to be improved upon. (See?) It’s quite comical actually.  But I must backtrack a bit. 

The Mr. purchased my engagement ring and my wedding band at different stores, which meant that there was some custom work to be done to have them soldered together.  (Leaving the 4th finger on my left hand bare for nearly 6 weeks before the wedding) Also, while we were dating, the Mr. took me out to dinner every month on the 30th to celebrate the day we began dating.  

It was after one of these such dates, that my man surprised me and took me to Walmart (yes, Walmart, because it was only for 6 weeks afterall…) to pick out a replacement for the time that my real ring was ‘in the shop.’

So ten minutes and eight dollars later, we were back in the car headed home, I assumed.  But then he made a wrong turn… (?)  When I asked him where he was headed, he wouldn’t say.

Sure enough, he took me back to the very place he had proposed the first time, and -despite the wet ground - got down on one knee, and asked me to be his forever, once again.  Blown away by his thoughtfulness and romantic-ness (and spontaneity), I had no choice but to say ‘yes.’  Duh.

I stood there for a moment before I returned to my cleaning, holding the ring and remembering; and I smiled, thankful for this incredible man who has, in our three years together (and even before that), never ceased to creatively pursue my heart.  

Love you, Babe.

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