October 5, 2011


Driving through the Deschutes National Forest today, I passed an area decimated by the Newberry Volcano. It was eerie to see how much destruction it caused; it was awe-inspiring to see how powerful the lava was; and it brought tears to my eyes to see the new birth rising from the ashes.

You see, on top of the now-hardened, black-as-night lava, signs of life were beginning to emerge.  Where before, it had only known the death brought on by the volcano, life had begun to blossom.
I was quite awestruck as I stood there for a moment, fascinated by the stark contrast of the bright green sprigs of life against the black lava.  I couldn't figure out why it struck me like it did until I got back into the car and began driving.

That is was me.

"Dead in transgressions and sin. Without God, without hope in this world.  Then, the glorious light of the Gospel broke in.  The Father stood up from His throne.  Opened His arms as He called out my name.  Grace, irresistible, drew me... opened my eyes to see."  -You Are the Way

I was dead.  There was no sign of life in me.  It was only by His grace that life came.

What once was complete darkness and death now has light and life.  Only because of Him.  What a beautiful, blessed transformation.

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  1. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!!!


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