October 18, 2011

Tigers and Pumpkins and Burgers, Oh My!

I’m overwhelmed.  That’s all there is to it.  My heart is full and my head is swimming.  I feel blessed beyond belief.

This weekend, my mom drove 14 hours – roundtrip – to spend the weekend with us.  That’s a lot of driving.  She got in on Friday night and, because the Mr. was playing in a golf tournament, she and I got some special one-on-one time to catch up.  I love my mom.  She is ridiculously wise.

Then, we made Chicken Holy Basil together.  And it was near divine.

Saturday morning was perfectly laidback, complete with a luxurious walk around the neighborhood in the perfect fall weather. It was exactly what I needed as I recovered from a nasty cold/flu thing.  Then, we were off to Helvetia Tavern for lunch where the Mr. put away the JUMBO burger.  What a man.  After that, we went on an adventure to find the little people in the big world.  And pumpkins.

And we found both.

We had a great time tromping around the Roloff farms, staring at Bengal Tigers, and playing King of the Mountain on the hay bale pyramid.  Well, we would have played if there weren't like a zillion little kids around.  I mean really, what are little kids doing climbing all over a pyramid of hay bales... don't they know that that is adult stuff?!  ;)

We had SUCH a wonderful weekend with my mom.  The only thing missing was Dad at her side...  :)  It was the kind of weekend that left us truly refreshed and ready to face the week.  Also, it may just keep the homesickness at bay until we can make it home at Thanksgiving!

Also, we were able to check #4 off of our Forest Grove Bucket List. (things to do before we move)

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