October 9, 2011

My Best Friend

This weekend was one for the books, ladies and gentlemen.  I'm quite certain that it was a glimpse of heaven on earth... ish.
Because the Mr. was run ragged these last two weeks (having had 7 tests in as many days), this weekend was set aside for NO studying, just US.  Friday and Saturday night were both date nights!  Two in a row... wowza.  And, though Cole had to work on Saturday, I reveled in the opportunity to deep-clean our house.  My inner-Monica-Gellar rejoiced.

Regardless of the goings-on of the weekend, I sit here - on Sunday night - basking in the glow of 2 1/2 days spent with my best friend.   Having Cole in grad school has proven challenging for both of us, so a weekend free of homework may as well have been a holiday.

Any time that I get to spend with my husband reminds me how blessed I am.  To have a man who, from the time I wake up until the time I fall asleep, works tirelessly to make sure that I know that I am loved... to have a man who, though he has a million other things he needs to do, takes time out of every day to wrap his strong arms around me and remind me that he thinks I'm beautiful.... to have man who sings the Johnny to my June and the Lionel Richie to my Diana Ross... to have a man who prays for me, with me... to have a man who dreams with me... to have a man who pursues me...

Yep, I'm pretty darn blessed.    I just love life with this guy!!

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  1. You are so cute. I love reading your mushy-gushy stories... I also love the Monica Gellar reference.

  2. Laura you are too cute!! Love the Monica Gellar reference as well!!


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