October 4, 2011

Weekend, er, LIFE Update

It has been brought to my attention by more than a few out-of-town friends and family that it has been far too long since an update. Part of that is due to the pace of life... (See this post) and part of it is due to the lack of interesting things to report.

No one wants to read a boring blog.

Anywho, activity at the Boboth household has revolved - in large part - around his studying, my travelling, and football season. *Can I get an "Amen!"?*   <---- That was a lot of symbols in a row. Such is the price of grammatical correctness.

This last weekend found me bouncing between the Tri-Cities and Dayton, Washington, as I was in a friend's wedding on Saturday.  The setting was the Running T ranch in Dayton. SO beautiful.  But, perhaps the best gift of the weekend was getting to see old friends from college after nearly a year and a half! I had SO much fun catching up with these (and other) clowns.  What a sweet thing friendship is!
Sweeter still, however was the reunion with my sweet man.  Two nights apart was TWO too many!  Last year, when I left for travel season, it was so hard to leave my brand new husband.  This year, I figured that it wouldn't be as bad... afterall, we've been married for over a year, he'd need to study, blah,blah,blah.......  WRONG.   I miss him even more now than I did then.  Distance, and time, truly does make the heart grow fonder.

So this week, I'm on the road touring beautiful Southern Oregon. (pictures forthcoming)  And the Mr. is studying. (pictures not forthcoming.  Because that would be boring.)  But for reals, keep him in your thoughts and prayers... this amazingly smart man has had 3 tests and has 2 more to go.  All in 2 weeks' time. Phew!

Well, that's all to report for now...  we are sure growing excited to be heading home for the holidays!  Can't wait to see our wonderful family!!

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